Foo Fighters – An intimate night of Concrete and Gold

Send in the congregation, I believe I’ve waited long enough.

The 14th of September, only one day before this year’s most exciting and unexpected (well that is debatable) album “Concrete and Gold” is to be released, it will finally happen. I will get to shoot Foo Fighters again. With hopes that Dave Grohl won’t break his leg this time I have to put up a fight to make this work, but it does. It really does despite being unprepared to shoot from FOH and only seeing the back of people’s heads. The theatre in Stockholm is the smallest venue I will ever see Foo Fighters in and same for the 899 other people in the sweaty room. After one hour of shooting and editing I finally get back to the venue. Having listened to the band for 20 years this night is one I will not forget for a very long time. Despite obstacles it is still a night with almost three hours of Foo Fighters. How bad can it be?


Monkey Wrench
Learn to Fly
White Limo
La Dee Da
The Pretender
Big Me
My Hero
Cold Day in the Sun
The Line
These Days
The Sky Is a Neighborhood
Sunday Rain
All My Life
Dirty Water
Times Like These
Best of You
Let There Be Rock (With Howlin’ Pelle on vocals)

Selection of photos shot exclusively for Sony Music Sweden all rights reserved.