Coffession - ”Coffee, the drug of choice” is an ongoing photo project also being turned into interview sessions where artist have a coffee, talk about their coffee habits and confess something.

A few of the meet & greets I have done over the years which usually consists of 20-200 fans getting to meet their favorite artist. With a lot of nervous people there is much more to shooting a meet & greet than meets the eye. One has to be good at handling people and solve problems that show up along the way. The love and happiness makes up for all the effort and hard work it takes to make these meet & greets happen.


Food photography

More photos coming shortly


More photos coming soon

Photos from Hobbiton Movie Set, NZ and Hobbit Stockholm, Sweden.


A selection of photographs from a full day wedding. Full album:


Selected photos from Comic Con STHLM 2019

Selected photos from Fastfood & Cafe Gothenburg 2019.

Selected photos from Comic Con 2019 in Gothenburg.

Selected photos.

Selection of photos from three days of Sett 2019

Konferens & gala på Berns.